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The Cave

Hello and Welcome to a new KAB Media Blog!

So as always, these posts are pretty few and far between and they all seem to report on an aspect of what ive been up to. Well, this one is no different!

So, today’s topic: THE CAVE!

cave with instructions

For those of you who don’t know, I have entered the Four4 Horror film competition… Is a curious little competition that challenged UK film makers to make a 16 second short film! But, the restrictions were pretty…well restricting!

The rules:four4

Only Four shots!

The four shots must be exactly Four Seconds long!

Hense Four4 – oh and this year the film must be some version of Horror. Four4 Horror…

I got to know of this competition pretty late close to the deadline, in fact I had 3 days to plan, shoot and edit it but im pleased to say I managed it!

I plucked an idea from the top of my head and decided to run with it, originally it was based around the idea of the “Seven Deadly sins- you know, wrath gluttony, envy…ect ect. But as the idea developed in my head it simplified, mainly because explaining it in 16 seconds, while setting characters, story and setting was going t be too difficult. I also wanted to set it somewhere pretty spooky, so I thought whats pretty spooky?


125 small110 small I remembered back to a visit to Italy that I took recently to film the band Hands of Time, while there I went to some underground caves, a local tourist attraction of where I was staying and I remember thinking how spooky they would be in the dark.

Just as luck had it, I knew of a cave. A place that was actually a location in a film I had an Assistant Directing role – Sophies fortune!

The Pictures Left and right are pictures from the Cave in the daylight, so you can imagine what it might look like in the dark.

The film is at the bottom of the blog, so you wont have to imagine for long….

First of all I need to say thanks to some people

firstly to my Stars! : Xander Hewitt and Wiebke Acton:- without you none of this would have been possible and with such little time to get involved you both put your faith in me and what I could do, so thanks again. Hope your pleased with the result!

Secondly to Carly Brown! I couldn’t have done this on my own, so Carly came to the rescue. She was a really big help with the lighting in the dark cave and also a dab hand with Wiebke’s makeup!

Last but not least id like to thanks both Chris and Sam Cronin who let me borrow their equipment for this shoot! Without any of these people I would have an entry!

So without further ado, ladies and Gents: – The Cave.

So we entered, and we are shortlisted!!! Yeaaaaaah!!! So along with 32 other films we got shortlisted from the entire UK.Shortlist

Now we need Your Votes! The next and final round of Four4horror is a public voting round! – I never liked these kind of votes as it promotes spamming and its rarely the best film that wins, rather the person with the most friends. Still despite all this i must ask for all of your help!  Voting can only be done by twitter, The instructions are on the banner at the top of this post.



  Tweet :   “I Vote for the Cave #four4horror #votethecave

Voting Closes on the 5th of August 2013, so i get busy :). In all seriousness i would really appreciate your votes.

Thanks for reading


DODGY 2013 Tour

So recently KAB Media were asked to shoot a gig for none other than the famous Dodgy!


It all came about when shooting the Modern Alarms at the Black Rooms with Manchestertaper. The guys told me about another gig they had already booked for Dodgy’s 2013 tour – Back to Back.

First of all, Dodgy was awesome!

They not only treated us to some of their old classics like “Good Enough” and “Thinking of Me” but a whole host of their newer songs! Its rare that a band can produce music that holds up to what they have done before after such a long break, but these guys managed it well!
Dodgy gave us two hour long sets of brilliant music, the first set was from their most recent album and then the second was some of the classics we have all come to know and love.


It was a hard shoot! Two solid hours of a five camera set up creates a hell of a lot of data and a lot of work! One camera capturing a continuous shot, two roaming cams, one behind the stage and another one roaming behind the sound desk! We have a LOT of footage to sort and organize.

It was all in all a great night, the guys from Manchestertaper got some brilliant recordings, we got some awesome footage and we all got to watch a really good show! – Its defiantly worth going to and tickets are available here!

photoWhat makes jobs like the great is the appreciation that we get from the Band. We met up with them afterwards and they were very appreciative of the work that we were putting into the filming and recording of it.

The the left you can see a picture myself and Chris Cronin (out extra camera op0 we managed to snap with the lead singer of Dodgy, Nigel Clark!

Well since then KAB Media has been to on tour in Italy with the Hands of Time Band or HOT as they have come to be known. So its only now that I have had chance to make and upload this little taster of what it was like at the gig!

 Hope you enjoyed the little promo!

More news on KAB Media’s visit to Italy to film the Hands of Time and more on Nemesis, including the trailer soon!

As always, thanks for reading.

Modern Alarms



So I’ve recently been working on some footage captured at a gig I shot! The gig in question was a closed gig at the Black Rooms in Manchester above the Ducie bridge pub, put on by Manchester radio online’s Ripman Show. Headlining the gig the Modern Alarms, a brilliant band to come out of Manchester and one of my new favorites!

Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 19.54.58

Even a basic two cam set up the Modern Alarms gig videos look and sound good. The sound was recorded and mastered by – a small but very professional company who specialize in the Manchester music scene! If you have the time then defiantly check them out HERE Because they do some really cracking work…


The Modern Alarms have a brilliant stage presence and some really, really catchy music, Voodoo Dancin’ Monkey Man in particular! I found myself singing it for at least a day! Dom, the lead singer is seriously energetic on the stage and its brilliant to watch and brilliant to listen to.

Id love to do a music Video for these guys one day!

To watch Voodoo Dancin’ Monkey Man, I have it here!

To watch the full gig, song by song head over to our RECENT VIDEO’S page where you can watch them all on a playlist!

Well that about concludes what I have to say, for now at least. Ill be back with some more news about KAB Media’s new film NEMESIS soon! So LIKE our Facebook page to keep updated or/ and our TWITTER FEED!


P.S. If you want to get in contact and use the services of KAB Media and to shoot one of your gigs, then please use the Contact page!

Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 19.55.49

Wedding Time

As the name suggests, I have recently been working on a wedding. I thought it was worth mentioning to you guys as it was such a good day and such a long, hard but also enjoyable edit. Now that I’m exporting it for the last time, im feeling a little nostalgic.

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 13.39.02

Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 21.01.09

Firstly the Wedding of Mr and Mrs Drewery, I shot this with a long time colleague and good friend  Chris Cronin, it was a brilliant shoot. What an amazing day the Bride and Groom had. I always enjoy wedding shoots, the atmosphere and general positivity in the air is a brilliant thing on a shoot, everyone laughing and joking pulling face at the camera, I even had a kiss blown at me part way through the day…it was from the groom but a kiss is a kiss, right? (that’s what I’m telling myself).



What was brilliant about this wedding is how welcome we were made to feel by the Bride and Groom and the family and friends. From the Bride getting ready in the morning up until we left in the evening everyone was very very accommodating! Great really, it makes it easier to do our job and makes the wedding video lot more fun especially when people don’t avoid the camera!

As far as weddings go this was a really good one, the friends and family were bubbly and cheery, the speeches were touching as they were funny and the Bride and Groom were obviously made for each other.





When I first got the verdict back on the wedding video, I was told the Bride broke in to tears at four points in the first showing, luckily these were the good kind of tears, not the bad kind! Without wanting to sound too sadistic, its brilliant to know that something we managed to capture can bring so much emotion to the surface, BUT it wouldn’t have been possible without the friendliness and positivity of everyone on the day.

So a big thanks to the Newly married Mr and Mrs Drewery and an even bigger CONGRATULATIONS!



Thanks for reading.


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Extra on Hollyoaks

So here we are again. Blagage time


Right this time im coming at you not from the comforts of my house, where I do most of my editing work, which is usually when I write these things…long render times do have their uses after all. Today I am sat in the canteen of Lime Productions in Liverpool, The home of Hollyoaks, The only way is Essex and a few other successful shows.

I have been spending the day, for the first time, as an extra, or as we are sometimes called, “background artiste” Personally I think of myself as a ninja, im that dude you never see in the background snooping around. – the very Definition of a ninja! My role today was “Coffee Shop Customer” in the Hollyoaks set, College Coffee.



We Started shooting in the coffee shop this morning at around 8:30am, and then another little bit of the same scene at around 11.00am. The first scene I was to walk across the shot and out of the door.  Did it a few times, maybe four or five and then the shot changed to the point where i wasn’t in it, so i got to sit back and watch the set run. Its brilliant to see how a set like Hollyoaks runs, compared to a film set. Its good to see a crew so familiar with each other that they can laugh and joke, and so familiar with the sets that they can whirl through the takes.

Well we got off the set at about 12:30ish and its now 17.05 and we are sat in the canteen waiting to be called. Thus the life of an extra. We did go back to set briefly for another scene that was set for another episode but we were sent back until further notice.

It’s a strange way to earn money, and somewhat unpredictable it seems. Originally a group of ten, we were split into two fives. The other five were sent home after dinner at about 1:45. We got kept on for another bit, is that good or bad, im not sure? If we get called back to set we get a bonus, if we don’t….well we don’t.

However, im sat here writing this blog…and being paid to do it, kind of.  So that’s an upside.

and i see the 3rd AD is coming this way so I will be back soon…17.13
Ok so im back in the comfort of home now. To end our day the four of us were put in another episode, this time in a different set. A set that until this very afternoon was still being built. So given that the set was new and that we were the first unit to shoot on it, im not really sure if im allowed to say where and what it was so im not going to. However it was a short shoot and all i had to do was a little more walking back and forward, making this particular set look busy. We finished at 6:30. Thus wrapping my day on Hollyoaks.


 All in all it was an interesting day. It’s good to be working on a set, even if its on the other side of the camera and to be honest, it always good to work in front of the camera with a new crew who don’t know you. It allows you to see the same mirror from the other side and I think that its really helpful for crew to know what its like on the other side of the cam. Been an extra is also a brilliant way to network and meet like minded people, a lot of the extras are struggling actors and performers and as a film maker you can never be short of actors and actresses. Im looking forward to the next day of extra work and  hope it will be soon.

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From Then – Till Now

Well Ladies and Gents…


Incoming Text Attack. Get your peepers a-readin’

It’s a Brand new Year and I have been Very Lazy with my Blog Posts, from now on I aim to be a little more regular with them, so sorry for the loooong (very long) absence of said bloggage! :(

So my website has had a nice re-vamp, thanks to The Really Good Website Company ( If you like what they have done then give them a try!

Since my last blog, ive been working on a few different projects. Namely….


Sophies Fortune (Assistant Director)

Firstly ive been working as and Assistant Director for a talented Director, Chris Cronin, I have worked on two films of Massive Proportions – the first being “Sophies Fortune” a short action/ Adventure film in the vain of Indiana Jones and Uncharted. The films has been a massive shoot, spanning over a year!

One of the Dads bringing down the Hurt!

One of the Dads bringing down the Hurt!

I think the one Year may have aged me  ten years, from shooting  thirty man action scenes, sentries dropping like flies and angry dads mowing down an endless supply of bad guys with high powered automatic weapons, RPG’s and Shotguns…

Story Time with Butch

One quiet moment, Story time with Butch.




…to a small birthday party scene with around Forty kids under the influence of a sugar rush galavanting around the set, mauling the crew and cast and generally been….well, kids.


Still (like every sentry in the film) SF is shot! and now in post production, so I’m looking forward to seeing the end result. For more info about this Project head over to my Filmography page.



As if that wasn’t enough, Tech Hunt (Assistant Director)



So as Sophies Fortune went so well, Chris asked me to do the same on his next film, this one a post apocalyptic short set after electrical storms have wiped out all electrical Technology!


Brilliant I thought! Ever up scaling, Tech Hunt now has a thirty Horse chase scene with Tech Hunters blowing each other away to find the lost Tech horde of times past! Again this is a massive Project as an 1st AD to manage and arrange But very rewarding!



 Well ive heard it…and now I say it “Don’t work with Children or Animals!”


And now with 80% of Tech Hunt shot and in the bag and Sophies Fortune in full Postproduction I can finally find the time to get back on with my Blogs! Woop!


Still, I have had a little time to put aside to re-cut my last film, Walking on Sunshine. Now recut and renamed “Walking on Sunshine: A collection of memories” has done a small tour of UK film Festivals. To see more about Walking on Sunshine click here.

However now I think it has had its time and I have retired it from the circuit. So for your Viewing Pleasure:


That’s not all!

I’m also currently in Post Production of one of my own films “Nemesis”. When I read the script I instantly thought that is something that I could get my teeth into. So far the film is sitting in my Final Cut awaiting some Foley sounds and a score, as well as a few small touch ups, but you can expect a Trailer soon and the Film will hit the Festival Circuit at the end of Feb (hopefully). Ill Blogg again about this when its released along with the full trailer!

For now im afraid you will have to make do with the Teaser:

If you would like to see a little more about NEMESIS click Here.


Well for those of you still reading; I thank you for staying with me to the end and slugging out this wall of text! Keep an eye out for my new Bloggs (which I hope will be more recent) By liking the KAB Media FB page or Following KAB Media on Twitter!

Thanks for reading


Text Attack over – Buy your Peepers a drink and put them to bed.

New site – New Film

Well here we are, the new and brand spanking new KAB is finished and online and it co-ensides..Well kind of with the completion of the new KAB media film “Walking on Sunshine”

So first things first, Id like to tank Mike Distaras for the website from over at Distras designs (Seriously talented person) for the website he designed and coded!

Well “Walking on Sunshine” is finally finished and I think it’s only due to youtube that I have kept what little sanity I have…. although I think that some of it has escaped.


The filming of the piece was very well done by Sam and Chris Cronin on set really helped, so thanks ware its due. I think all in all the filming was the best part of the film, well it was, I don’t need to think about it at all.  Even if I did get a little bit of a sick pleasure by having Chris shoot Victoria in the face with an industrial leaf blower! Ha-ha!

But being the good sport she is, Vic took it all in her stride. Even the hour set up for a 20 second shot on green-screen seemed not to bother her :)

What a good gal!

So with the shooting over we go to the dreaded edit….or the Dreadit! (That’s now my new word for the edit, the dreadit!)

Welcome to my life for the past 2 months……

Well the Dreadit has begun and slowly, very slowly it came together, to give u an idea of why it took so long here are a couple of before and after pics…

So after 2 months of sitting in a dark room, staring at my laptop and sleeping during render times I manage to come out, with a few hundred brain cells left in tact, most of my mind and a finished 4 min film. And now I have the lovely task of sending it off to see if some festivals like it so cross your fingers people!

Oh yeah, I also want to thank Joby Hardwick who did the music for the film, I was really struggling with the kind of sound to use but after hearing jobys “settlement” track he sent me I know that id found the soundtrack! So to let you guys have the same pleasure and to hear the unedited version of the track and I have put some stills from the film to it so you guts can have a look at what ive been up to.

Thanks for reading