DODGY 2013 Tour

So recently KAB Media were asked to shoot a gig for none other than the famous Dodgy!


It all came about when shooting the Modern Alarms at the Black Rooms with Manchestertaper. The guys told me about another gig they had already booked for Dodgy’s 2013 tour – Back to Back.

First of all, Dodgy was awesome!

They not only treated us to some of their old classics like “Good Enough” and “Thinking of Me” but a whole host of their newer songs! Its rare that a band can produce music that holds up to what they have done before after such a long break, but these guys managed it well!
Dodgy gave us two hour long sets of brilliant music, the first set was from their most recent album and then the second was some of the classics we have all come to know and love.


It was a hard shoot! Two solid hours of a five camera set up creates a hell of a lot of data and a lot of work! One camera capturing a continuous shot, two roaming cams, one behind the stage and another one roaming behind the sound desk! We have a LOT of footage to sort and organize.

It was all in all a great night, the guys from Manchestertaper got some brilliant recordings, we got some awesome footage and we all got to watch a really good show! – Its defiantly worth going to and tickets are available here!

photoWhat makes jobs like the great is the appreciation that we get from the Band. We met up with them afterwards and they were very appreciative of the work that we were putting into the filming and recording of it.

The the left you can see a picture myself and Chris Cronin (out extra camera op0 we managed to snap with the lead singer of Dodgy, Nigel Clark!

Well since then KAB Media has been to on tour in Italy with the Hands of Time Band or HOT as they have come to be known. So its only now that I have had chance to make and upload this little taster of what it was like at the gig!

 Hope you enjoyed the little promo!

More news on KAB Media’s visit to Italy to film the Hands of Time and more on Nemesis, including the trailer soon!

As always, thanks for reading.


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