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So here we are again. Blagage time


Right this time im coming at you not from the comforts of my house, where I do most of my editing work, which is usually when I write these things…long render times do have their uses after all. Today I am sat in the canteen of Lime Productions in Liverpool, The home of Hollyoaks, The only way is Essex and a few other successful shows.

I have been spending the day, for the first time, as an extra, or as we are sometimes called, “background artiste” Personally I think of myself as a ninja, im that dude you never see in the background snooping around. – the very Definition of a ninja! My role today was “Coffee Shop Customer” in the Hollyoaks set, College Coffee.



We Started shooting in the coffee shop this morning at around 8:30am, and then another little bit of the same scene at around 11.00am. The first scene I was to walk across the shot and out of the door.  Did it a few times, maybe four or five and then the shot changed to the point where i wasn’t in it, so i got to sit back and watch the set run. Its brilliant to see how a set like Hollyoaks runs, compared to a film set. Its good to see a crew so familiar with each other that they can laugh and joke, and so familiar with the sets that they can whirl through the takes.

Well we got off the set at about 12:30ish and its now 17.05 and we are sat in the canteen waiting to be called. Thus the life of an extra. We did go back to set briefly for another scene that was set for another episode but we were sent back until further notice.

It’s a strange way to earn money, and somewhat unpredictable it seems. Originally a group of ten, we were split into two fives. The other five were sent home after dinner at about 1:45. We got kept on for another bit, is that good or bad, im not sure? If we get called back to set we get a bonus, if we don’t….well we don’t.

However, im sat here writing this blog…and being paid to do it, kind of.  So that’s an upside.

and i see the 3rd AD is coming this way so I will be back soon…17.13
Ok so im back in the comfort of home now. To end our day the four of us were put in another episode, this time in a different set. A set that until this very afternoon was still being built. So given that the set was new and that we were the first unit to shoot on it, im not really sure if im allowed to say where and what it was so im not going to. However it was a short shoot and all i had to do was a little more walking back and forward, making this particular set look busy. We finished at 6:30. Thus wrapping my day on Hollyoaks.


 All in all it was an interesting day. It’s good to be working on a set, even if its on the other side of the camera and to be honest, it always good to work in front of the camera with a new crew who don’t know you. It allows you to see the same mirror from the other side and I think that its really helpful for crew to know what its like on the other side of the cam. Been an extra is also a brilliant way to network and meet like minded people, a lot of the extras are struggling actors and performers and as a film maker you can never be short of actors and actresses. Im looking forward to the next day of extra work and  hope it will be soon.

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  1. Lavinia

    How do I apply to be an extra on Hollyoaks? X

  2. kyle

    You need to get in touch with an extras agency. They will out you forward for all sorts.

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