A new Short thriller from starring Cameron Prudames and Danielle Jackson. Directed by Kyle Brearey.


The Teaser Trailer can be viewed below:
nemesis_dvd _cover_art

Trevor, a lone “snake in the grass” stumbles across a helpless young woman all alone in an isolated area of the countryside. With no one around and no where for her to run, this could be another one of Trevor’s lucky days…. But how will Trevor’s dark past affect the what’s to come and who exactly is this young flirtatious lady? On the surface she is a damsel in distress… timid and vulnerable. Under the shy exterior she is a Nemesis… a spirit of retribution, justice & revenge.


Some amazing acting and uneasy atmosphere bring a feeling of eeriness to the short. Nemesis is now finished and doing the festival circut of the UK. Keep checking up for updates on its progress, or like our KAB Media FB Here.