Working Title

This is the special Halloween teaser that was released only weeks before the release.

As three young filmmakers shoot another Horror B movie they stumble on something that might just be even more horrible than their last film.


Whilst deep in the woods shooting the latest in a string of failed Horror B movies a team of three young student film makers accidentally shoot something that just might make their film into a huge success.

Chasing a genuine spirit of a young woman into an old dilapidated house they stumble across a new dangerous but perhaps profitable discovery.
They decide to cut the original movie and go about making a new one based heavily around the newly discovered spirit.

However the angry Spirit and recently fired cast and crew have other ideas…


WORKING TITLE has currently finished touring independent festivals up and down the UK. Here is a Exclusive 6 miniute clip.

UPDATE: As of Jan 2012 “Working Title” is no longer doing the UK festival tour. BOth myself and co-director, Chris Cronin would like to give out fondest thanks to everyone involved in this large and ambitious project.

3 men,1 camera, no clue on youtube

Working Title FB page