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Well Ladies and Gents…


Incoming Text Attack. Get your peepers a-readin’

It’s a Brand new Year and I have been Very Lazy with my Blog Posts, from now on I aim to be a little more regular with them, so sorry for the loooong (very long) absence of said bloggage! :(

So my website has had a nice re-vamp, thanks to The Really Good Website Company ( If you like what they have done then give them a try!

Since my last blog, ive been working on a few different projects. Namely….


Sophies Fortune (Assistant Director)

Firstly ive been working as and Assistant Director for a talented Director, Chris Cronin, I have worked on two films of Massive Proportions – the first being “Sophies Fortune” a short action/ Adventure film in the vain of Indiana Jones and Uncharted. The films has been a massive shoot, spanning over a year!

One of the Dads bringing down the Hurt!

One of the Dads bringing down the Hurt!

I think the one Year may have aged me  ten years, from shooting  thirty man action scenes, sentries dropping like flies and angry dads mowing down an endless supply of bad guys with high powered automatic weapons, RPG’s and Shotguns…

Story Time with Butch

One quiet moment, Story time with Butch.




…to a small birthday party scene with around Forty kids under the influence of a sugar rush galavanting around the set, mauling the crew and cast and generally been….well, kids.


Still (like every sentry in the film) SF is shot! and now in post production, so I’m looking forward to seeing the end result. For more info about this Project head over to my Filmography page.



As if that wasn’t enough, Tech Hunt (Assistant Director)



So as Sophies Fortune went so well, Chris asked me to do the same on his next film, this one a post apocalyptic short set after electrical storms have wiped out all electrical Technology!


Brilliant I thought! Ever up scaling, Tech Hunt now has a thirty Horse chase scene with Tech Hunters blowing each other away to find the lost Tech horde of times past! Again this is a massive Project as an 1st AD to manage and arrange But very rewarding!



 Well ive heard it…and now I say it “Don’t work with Children or Animals!”


And now with 80% of Tech Hunt shot and in the bag and Sophies Fortune in full Postproduction I can finally find the time to get back on with my Blogs! Woop!


Still, I have had a little time to put aside to re-cut my last film, Walking on Sunshine. Now recut and renamed “Walking on Sunshine: A collection of memories” has done a small tour of UK film Festivals. To see more about Walking on Sunshine click here.

However now I think it has had its time and I have retired it from the circuit. So for your Viewing Pleasure:


That’s not all!

I’m also currently in Post Production of one of my own films “Nemesis”. When I read the script I instantly thought that is something that I could get my teeth into. So far the film is sitting in my Final Cut awaiting some Foley sounds and a score, as well as a few small touch ups, but you can expect a Trailer soon and the Film will hit the Festival Circuit at the end of Feb (hopefully). Ill Blogg again about this when its released along with the full trailer!

For now im afraid you will have to make do with the Teaser:

If you would like to see a little more about NEMESIS click Here.


Well for those of you still reading; I thank you for staying with me to the end and slugging out this wall of text! Keep an eye out for my new Bloggs (which I hope will be more recent) By liking the KAB Media FB page or Following KAB Media on Twitter!

Thanks for reading


Text Attack over – Buy your Peepers a drink and put them to bed.


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