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So I’ve recently been working on some footage captured at a gig I shot! The gig in question was a closed gig at the Black Rooms in Manchester above the Ducie bridge pub, put on by Manchester radio online’s Ripman Show. Headlining the gig the Modern Alarms, a brilliant band to come out of Manchester and one of my new favorites!

Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 19.54.58

Even a basic two cam set up the Modern Alarms gig videos look and sound good. The sound was recorded and mastered by – a small but very professional company who specialize in the Manchester music scene! If you have the time then defiantly check them out HERE Because they do some really cracking work…


The Modern Alarms have a brilliant stage presence and some really, really catchy music, Voodoo Dancin’ Monkey Man in particular! I found myself singing it for at least a day! Dom, the lead singer is seriously energetic on the stage and its brilliant to watch and brilliant to listen to.

Id love to do a music Video for these guys one day!

To watch Voodoo Dancin’ Monkey Man, I have it here!

To watch the full gig, song by song head over to our RECENT VIDEO’S page where you can watch them all on a playlist!

Well that about concludes what I have to say, for now at least. Ill be back with some more news about KAB Media’s new film NEMESIS soon! So LIKE our Facebook page to keep updated or/ and our TWITTER FEED!


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