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Well here we are, the new and brand spanking new KAB is finished and online and it co-ensides..Well kind of with the completion of the new KAB media film “Walking on Sunshine”

So first things first, Id like to tank Mike Distaras for the website from over at Distras designs (Seriously talented person) for the website he designed and coded!

Well “Walking on Sunshine” is finally finished and I think it’s only due to youtube that I have kept what little sanity I have…. although I think that some of it has escaped.


The filming of the piece was very well done by Sam and Chris Cronin on set really helped, so thanks ware its due. I think all in all the filming was the best part of the film, well it was, I don’t need to think about it at all.  Even if I did get a little bit of a sick pleasure by having Chris shoot Victoria in the face with an industrial leaf blower! Ha-ha!

But being the good sport she is, Vic took it all in her stride. Even the hour set up for a 20 second shot on green-screen seemed not to bother her :)

What a good gal!

So with the shooting over we go to the dreaded edit….or the Dreadit! (That’s now my new word for the edit, the dreadit!)

Welcome to my life for the past 2 months……

Well the Dreadit has begun and slowly, very slowly it came together, to give u an idea of why it took so long here are a couple of before and after pics…

So after 2 months of sitting in a dark room, staring at my laptop and sleeping during render times I manage to come out, with a few hundred brain cells left in tact, most of my mind and a finished 4 min film. And now I have the lovely task of sending it off to see if some festivals like it so cross your fingers people!

Oh yeah, I also want to thank Joby Hardwick who did the music for the film, I was really struggling with the kind of sound to use but after hearing jobys “settlement” track he sent me I know that id found the soundtrack! So to let you guys have the same pleasure and to hear the unedited version of the track and I have put some stills from the film to it so you guts can have a look at what ive been up to.

Thanks for reading









  1. Dreadit lol Im using that from now on.

  2. Hey hey hey, take a gndaer at what’ you’ve done

  3. Thank you for providing really informative articles on your blog. How can I subscribe to it?

    • kyle

      HI blane. thanks :).
      I dont write them very often so dont have people subscribe. But i do post them as updates on my FB KAB Media page so if youd like then you can go to that :)

  4. Aloha there! Nice site! I really liked being here.

    • kyle

      Thanks Paula.

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