Keighley Murder


A  video shot by KAB Media for the Murder One team at Keighley Police Museum during a joint murder mystery event for local Schools.

Specsavers Fashion Show


A Short video covering Specsavers Fashion show  at Middlebrook retail park! Our four models showcase the Osiris eyeware collection.

The Cave – Short Film

The Cave is in the Final! We need your votes! KAB Media would really appreciate a vote from YOU! Tweet “#four4horror #votethecave” to vote for us.

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Wedding Snippet

With the Wedding Season in full swing, i thought id upload a little snippet of our weddings KAB have covered over the past year!

Thanks to all those involved!

LXY Hair Care Promotion

Here is a Video our team did for LXY, a hair products company.  LXY Yorkshire’s Leading Professional Salon Supplier Of Hair & Beauty.


Knuckle Up TV opening

This is the TV opening for Knuckle Ups new TV show for the USA. KAB Media edited together with a Sci Fi feel.


Knuckle Up Origins Promo

KAB Media was asked to Build a comic book style promo for UK MMA Brand Knuckle up! – Here it is! – Knuckleup returns with a massive bang

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Atkinson Action Stunt Horses

The Atkinson Action Horse stunt team, tear up the Royal Armouries once again and KAB Media and  some friends catch it all on video. We shot both a promo and a show for Atkinson Action Horses.

Halloween MMA Promo

OK not strictly recent, but recently re-found…A short Halloween styled Promotional Video made by KAB Media for the UK MMA Brand Knuckle Up.

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Dodgy are back out on the road in May to celebrate 20 years since the release of their debut album! The new tour, will feature 2 albums!

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Cameron Prudames Showreel

Cameron Prudames Acting Showreel cut by KAB Media. A short collection of some of the films Cameron has been in, including, Nemesis

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Modern Alarms@Black Rooms

Manchester Radio Online‘s “The Ripman show” Presents: The Modern Alarms Playing at the Black rooms in Manchester!

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Trevor, a lone “snake in the grass” stumbles across a helpless young woman all alone in an isolated area of the countryside.

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Knuckle Up – New Breed 4

Recently new uploaded to KAB Media’s Database. Knuckle Ups New Breed event, specialising i new and undiscovered fighters.