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Hello and Welcome to a new KAB Media Blog!

So as always, these posts are pretty few and far between and they all seem to report on an aspect of what ive been up to. Well, this one is no different!

So, today’s topic: THE CAVE!

cave with instructions

For those of you who don’t know, I have entered the Four4 Horror film competition… Is a curious little competition that challenged UK film makers to make a 16 second short film! But, the restrictions were pretty…well restricting!

The rules:four4

Only Four shots!

The four shots must be exactly Four Seconds long!

Hense Four4 – oh and this year the film must be some version of Horror. Four4 Horror…

I got to know of this competition pretty late close to the deadline, in fact I had 3 days to plan, shoot and edit it but im pleased to say I managed it!

I plucked an idea from the top of my head and decided to run with it, originally it was based around the idea of the “Seven Deadly sins- you know, wrath gluttony, envy…ect ect. But as the idea developed in my head it simplified, mainly because explaining it in 16 seconds, while setting characters, story and setting was going t be too difficult. I also wanted to set it somewhere pretty spooky, so I thought whats pretty spooky?


125 small110 small I remembered back to a visit to Italy that I took recently to film the band Hands of Time, while there I went to some underground caves, a local tourist attraction of where I was staying and I remember thinking how spooky they would be in the dark.

Just as luck had it, I knew of a cave. A place that was actually a location in a film I had an Assistant Directing role – Sophies fortune!

The Pictures Left and right are pictures from the Cave in the daylight, so you can imagine what it might look like in the dark.

The film is at the bottom of the blog, so you wont have to imagine for long….

First of all I need to say thanks to some people

firstly to my Stars! : Xander Hewitt and Wiebke Acton:- without you none of this would have been possible and with such little time to get involved you both put your faith in me and what I could do, so thanks again. Hope your pleased with the result!

Secondly to Carly Brown! I couldn’t have done this on my own, so Carly came to the rescue. She was a really big help with the lighting in the dark cave and also a dab hand with Wiebke’s makeup!

Last but not least id like to thanks both Chris and Sam Cronin who let me borrow their equipment for this shoot! Without any of these people I would have an entry!

So without further ado, ladies and Gents: – The Cave.

So we entered, and we are shortlisted!!! Yeaaaaaah!!! So along with 32 other films we got shortlisted from the entire UK.Shortlist

Now we need Your Votes! The next and final round of Four4horror is a public voting round! – I never liked these kind of votes as it promotes spamming and its rarely the best film that wins, rather the person with the most friends. Still despite all this i must ask for all of your help!  Voting can only be done by twitter, The instructions are on the banner at the top of this post.



  Tweet :   “I Vote for the Cave #four4horror #votethecave

Voting Closes on the 5th of August 2013, so i get busy :). In all seriousness i would really appreciate your votes.

Thanks for reading



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