Welcome to the trailer page! This page features trailer of ¬†short film’s that are Currently touring the independent festival circuit as well as some that are in production, as well as a little info on each trailer and film.


Trevor, a lone “snake in the grass” stumbles across a helpless young woman all alone in an isolated area of the countryside. With no one around and no where for her to run, this could be another one of Trevor’s lucky days….

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Walking on Sunshine

Walking on Sunshine is the latest production from KAB media. The piece follows the life of a young happy couple through a series of flashbacks as a young woman reflects on her life and love. Stunning HD shot with the Cannon 7D and heavily edited visuals give a surreal but calming feel to the piece.

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Working Title

Working Title is the First jont production between KAB Media and Genesis Flux.

Whilst deep in the woods shooting the latest in a string of failed Horror B movies a team of three young student film makers accidently shoot something that just might make their film into a huge success. Chasing a genuine spirit of a young woman into an old dilapidated house they stumble across a new dangerous but perhaps profitable discovery.

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So Much to Do, So Little Time

This was the first look that the public got of So Much To Do, So Little Time. A docu-drama based around a comet impact on planet earth.

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