Wedding Time

As the name suggests, I have recently been working on a wedding. I thought it was worth mentioning to you guys as it was such a good day and such a long, hard but also enjoyable edit. Now that I’m exporting it for the last time, im feeling a little nostalgic.

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Firstly the Wedding of Mr and Mrs Drewery, I shot this with a long time colleague and good friend  Chris Cronin, it was a brilliant shoot. What an amazing day the Bride and Groom had. I always enjoy wedding shoots, the atmosphere and general positivity in the air is a brilliant thing on a shoot, everyone laughing and joking pulling face at the camera, I even had a kiss blown at me part way through the day…it was from the groom but a kiss is a kiss, right? (that’s what I’m telling myself).



What was brilliant about this wedding is how welcome we were made to feel by the Bride and Groom and the family and friends. From the Bride getting ready in the morning up until we left in the evening everyone was very very accommodating! Great really, it makes it easier to do our job and makes the wedding video lot more fun especially when people don’t avoid the camera!

As far as weddings go this was a really good one, the friends and family were bubbly and cheery, the speeches were touching as they were funny and the Bride and Groom were obviously made for each other.





When I first got the verdict back on the wedding video, I was told the Bride broke in to tears at four points in the first showing, luckily these were the good kind of tears, not the bad kind! Without wanting to sound too sadistic, its brilliant to know that something we managed to capture can bring so much emotion to the surface, BUT it wouldn’t have been possible without the friendliness and positivity of everyone on the day.

So a big thanks to the Newly married Mr and Mrs Drewery and an even bigger CONGRATULATIONS!



Thanks for reading.


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